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The Power of Virtual Events

Strategic Virtual Events specializes in virtual event management, educational training resources, and event productions. Our purpose is to create strategies that lead individuals and corporations to optimize their content management and to connect their message to a virtual vehicle for optimal expression.  

Visualize, exercise, and realize your new knowledge in virtual events. From startup companies to private functions that exude creativity, let’s continue to build momentum toward event success.

The Book Collection

Available on Amazon.

The Virtual Event Planner

“The Virtual Event Planner” provides a detailed guide for those transitioning in-person meetings and events to producing and planning virtual events. 

The author uses real-world experiences and in-depth, step-by-step instruction to navigate through the process of planning virtual events. Uncovering innovative ideas for event implementation makes this book essential.

  • Understand the Process of Planning Virtual Events
  • Team-Building Techniques
  • Scoping Ideas• Blocking the Run of Show
  • Pitching Ideas to Business Leaders
  • Learning Illustrations 

The Power of Events

Our perspective on creating impactful events can be found in Alicia Riley’s book: “The Power of Events.”


See Alicia’s interview about planning virtual events on the Living 757 TV show.

The Virtual Event Planner Handbook

A companion to
The Virtual Event Planner.
A collection of templates, provides ready reference.

Virtual Event Education

SVE offers education sessions on the specific needs for planning a successful virtual event. We currently have three educational offerings:

  • One-to-One Virtual Events Coaching
  • Digital Events Corporate Professional Development
  • A One Hour Digital Events Learning Package

We also have educational materials to help you better understand the benefits of planning vitual events and adding virtual aspects to traditional in-person events.

Details and resources are available on our Learning page.

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Customer Experience

Hear what our customers and business partners say about working with SVE and Alicia Riley.

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